Price List

1/2hr lesson/ hack £19

3/4hr lesson/ hack £22

1hr lesson/ hack £25

1/2hr Private lesson £29

3/4 hr Private lesson £35

1.5 hr Hack £45

2 hr Hack £50

2.5 hr Hack £55

3hr Hack £60

Pony day £57

10.30am – 3.30pm

We are now offering tiny tots sessions for children aged 3-4 years 20 minutes  £10

All Cheques made payable to Miss M Lee
I do not accept credit or debit cards on the yard, but pre-payment can be made via BACS

2 thoughts on “Lessons & Hacks

  1. Hi would u be able to do a thing were I could come on a regular basis to ride I’m quite experience I can walk and trot I really want to learn to canter please may u email me when u get this many thanks Chloe x


  2. Hi my daughter Ella who is 4yrs old absolutely loves horse riding & I would love to start some lessons for her?? What days do u do the lessons & I would like to pay the £50 for the year?? Hope to hear back from you,Leanne xxxx


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