So we have a lovely little selection of horses and ponies to suit everyone! For those that are interested here is a list of the ponies and horses at Shelleys and a little bit about them!

Just Jet – Our very popular little black Dartmoor pony! Jet is 11.2 and perfect for those starting out riding or the little ones who want to improve their jumping skills! jet is 11 years old and been with us around 6 years

Tank – Is our 12hh dartmoor pony, tank is 12 years old and she loves her hacking!

Aero – 14hh native pony, a youngster bought by shelley 3 years ago as a 2 year old, she has since been backed and proving to be a fabulous jumping/ allround pony, watch out for her at the shows and riding club events this year!

Tia – 14hh mare who is around 18-20 she may be a pensioner but she is full of beans and a brilliant pony to learn to ride on!

Dee – Another of our golden oldies at almost 18 and 14.2, dee is brilliant in everyway, he is very safe and slow for begginers, yet will perk up for a more experienced rider and show them the ropes in show jumping!

Inky – A 12yo 14.2 coloured cob, inky is another brilliant pony who will turn his hoof to anything! Very popular with the riders at shelleys!

Orse – our 8yo thoroughbred at 16.1, orse is the most loveable soul who thinks he is a cob again loved by many on the yard

Bird – our 17hh warmblood! Being the biggest of the lot, she certainly has the best personality, a very sweet loving mare! She is 15 years old

Bounty – Our 16hh Irish cob 8 years old, bounty is a great bubbly cob who will turn his hoof to anything, great all round horse

Foalie – Our 2nd foal who is now almost two! She is warmblood x and is hopefully going to make about 16hh very sweet and just like her mum bird!

Mary – Our first foal who is ready to be broken in this year, she is a 13hh grey dartmoor x connemara and hopefully is going to take Shelleys neice Mya – Grace far at the competitions

Moses – 15hh arab x this beautiful boy is Shelleys top boy, although he does not get used for lessons you may be lucky enough to give him a pat if he thinks you are worthy! Hes a great boy to have on the yard and keeps all the other ponies in their place in the pecking order!

Widget – 15.1 thoroughbred mare, again although not used for lessons widge will normally be in the first stable to greet you as you come into the yard and loves to say hi to everybody and take part in stable management lessons

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